Welcome to the Cburg ModelAirs


Welcome to the Chambersburg ModelAirs flying site.¬†The objectives of the Cburg Modelairs club are to promote model building and flying in Chambersburg or in this city’s general locality and to aid insofar as possible the Academy of Model Aeronautics national program, looking toward the continual advancement in all phases of model aviation in the United States of America.

Our club is proud to call the Franklin Learning Center as our home and request that our members ensure that we take care of the property and abide by the rules for flying at this site. Please note that no flying is allowed during school day hours (7 am to 3pm). Other restricted days will be announced as required.

We welcome and invite any active AMA members that are not currently a club member, or anyone interested in the hobby of model aircraft, to please join us. Our monthly meetings take place the second Tuesday of every month at the field starting at 7pm. During the winter months the meeting is held inside the school.

Current Weather Conditions near the Flying Field